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I'm Yomi Adeyemi

I didn’t take the traditional path toward a career in medicine; I’m a Physician, but I’ve always been the creative type with interests in writing, music, and social media content creation in addition to science and medicine. My journey has been as defined by the challenges of synthesizing my interests as it has been by overcoming the hurdles of pursuing a career in medicine.

I was first inspired toward an interest in medicine as a youngster by my mother who would tell my siblings and I stories about her father, who served as a field medic during the Biafran civil war in Nigeria. Her stories about how he had braved the battle field not to take lives, but to save them were awe inspiring. I saw medicine as a career that could allow for a deep and meaningful connection to the best spirit of humanity.

My parents immigrated to the US in the 1980's from Nigeria. My father, a Yoruba man, and my mother, an Igbo woman, both came to the U.S. seeking to further their educations. In each other though, they found that the differences that might have divided their people back home did not compare to the common bonds they shared. Growing up, they taught us the value of education, and of course held us to the "success is the only option" standard Nigerian work ethic. From them I learned to understand and appreciate my heritage and developed an abiding interest in the African Diaspora. I’ve always expressed my interests through writing, and after graduating from college I built African Dynamo, a blogging platform for writers, artists, photographers, and other creative people from all over Africa and its diaspora. In working with content creators, brands and other companies, we help to promote a positive message about Africa and its diaspora.

Wake Forest University

Bachelor of Science, Biology

Wake Forest Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

Master of Science, Biomedical Sciences

St. Georges University School of Medicine

Doctor of Medicine

Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science

Family Medicine Residency

Founder/Managing Editor

African Dynamo lifestyle culture and health blog


Dynamo MD



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Board eligible Family Medicine Physician with interests in sports medicine and regenerative medicine.


africandynamo.com is a lifestyle, culture and health blog focused on paradigm shifting trends affecting Africa and its diaspora

Responsive Social Media Advocacy

As Dynamo MD on various social media, I actively promote a culturally integrative approach to medicine and health

Brand Promotion

I try to see the hidden potential in every situation, and make it my mission to refine those diamonds


I apply the skills I've gained as a biomedical science researcher to many of my projects, organizing complex data and presenting it in an approachable way


Many of my projects feature professoinal work from various creative agencies and graphic design companys

Inspiring the Future

I've always liked to describe myself as an inpirational weapon. By communicating my story and mentoring young students, I hope to help inspire those to follow

Past Projects

"Student Doctor Yomi Adeyemi is Driven!"

BMWC founder Dr. Dale:
"Student Dr. Yomi Adeyemi is on his way to greatness.  This innovative young man has had quite the journey to get where he is today.  Through it all, he kept a positive attitude and didn't quit.  What impresses me most about Student Dr. Adeyemi is his drive and discipline.  In high school his coach gave him a special recognition for never missing a day of practice.  This work ethic has translated to his early career in medicine.  Enjoy the episode!"

Full podcast here

Public health promo: Grenada Healthy Drinking Water AD Campaign

Research shows the prevalence of dehydration in adults in some populations has been estimated to be 16–28% depending on age, with the elderly being at increased risk of dehydration. That means that about 1 in 4 people may actually be dehydrated. To help do raise awareness of this common but often overlooked issue, I worked with the Glenelg Springwater company in Grenada to create an ad campaign promoting healthy habits to stay hydrated. This multi platform ad campaign increased awareness of the issue and became a popular promotion for the Glenelg company.

Modelling and Acting: Grenada Travel

In partnership with Hexive creative agency, I helped promote various tourist attractions on the island of Grenada for the Grenadian Travel Authority. This project allowed me to highlight some enjoyable aspects of an active lifestyle.

Personal Project: African Dynamo

In 2013, I started the project that has grown into African Dynamo, a lifestyle, culture and health blog focused on stories that effect Africa and its diaspora.

Content on African Dynamo is created by bloggers, writers and graphic designers who are passionate about all things Africa. Our articles cover a breadth of issues and topics from current tech trends to major business, economic, and health developments. In order to breathe life into our content, we make frequent use of images, videos, and interactive graphics. Posts on African Dynamo are not simply rehashes of news found on other sites. Each article provides value to the reader through editorial commentary, descriptive ‘how-to’ and resource guides, comprehensive analysis, and immersive video.

At its core, African Dynamo is about experiencing modern African culture and life, shedding light on new ideas as well as tradition by sharing views and opinions with others. Through the site’s reviews, opinions and news stories, it is hoped that we can make sure you feel the joy of our Africa.

You can find the blog at www.africandynamo.com 

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